April 11, 2012

Wasteless Wednesday~ WEAR it Out!

We begged you not to throw out those old t-shirts a while back, now we are offering more ways to Waste~Less stuff you wear! Anyone can be more ECOnomical with their wardrobe~here's seven tips for each day this coming week to waste less!

1. Mix it up! Try changing up that tired outfit by matching it up with something else in your wardrobe, or accessorize it in a whole new way~ now that old outfit is a new outfit!



2. You can also redesign your clothing~ or as we like to say: Upcycle it! Shorten the length, add some length, give it some layers, create a patchwork creation, shred it or fringe it~ embellish it!




3. Too tight? Too loose? Too long? Got a tear or a hem that came loose? Mend it or alter it! Can't do it yourself~ have a friend, family member or local shop do it for you!


4. Hand wash your delicates and hang them to dry. It reduces wear and tear and your clothes will last longer and look better!

5.. Create a neighborhood co-op to swap clothing! Find other adults to exchange clothes with or set up a swap for kids clothing! It's a great twist on the old concept of handing it down!

6. Donate your clothes to a local thrift shop or work with a consignment shop to sell your clothes and accessories! Or have a yard sale or rent a table at a church bazaar!

7. Cut up old clothes and linens and create fabric swatches or trim pieces. We showed you how some of our Upcyclers create t-shirt yarn, you can also create quilt squares and patches or make small accessories and brooches from the material. And don't forget to cut off the buttons, embroidered designs and zippers~ they are great reusable materials too!




Great ideas, don't you think? That's the fantastic thing about upcycling~ there's no end to the creative reuse of everyday items you might have thought were trash! Even the clothes on your back! So get out there and find ways to waste less today and everyday!

Have a great Wasteless Wednesday and WEEK!


  1. I have the best book - It's called "Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt." It's the best thing I ever bought. I turn my old T's into skirts, gloves, tanks and all sorts of cool stuff. Great tip - keep those T's!

  2. Great ideas! Let's try to reverse the throw-away society trend! Here's what I'm doing with old t-shirts:

  3. Lovely post. I do not throw away one bit of fabric. Last I'm doing is chopping things up and using them as pillow filling. Pinning your pics.