April 14, 2012

Love 2 DIY on the Weekend~ MAKE it!

So you Love 2 Upcycle~ which goes to say you Love 2 DIY! Well, you're not alone! Aside, of course, from the nearly 2000 members of our team of Upcyclers on Etsy, there are millions out there around the world. You're in great company. Innovative, creative and imaginative~ Upcyclers are truly genius in their own way! I came across a fellow community of Upcyclers, but they call their group MAKE! They showcase their projects on Flickr and subscribe to a magazine of the same name at Makezine.com ~ you can find great articles there and thousands of photos in their group pool on Flickr. So if you're looking for some inspo for this weekend's project, here's a few to get you rolling!

Puddle Jumper
Robot Munny Telephoto lens setup GeekCook Brokenline WallClock
Din-ink Small Tape measure flower wallart
Most of the projects are on the geek side, technology tweeked and manipulated into new uses, but there are some on the organic side of the spectrum as well. I only made it through about a dozen pages of the gallery so far, but I look forward to checking out a lot more! Don't forget that Upcyclers have their own Flickr group! You can catch some inspiration there too!

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