April 13, 2012


They say nothing in life is free.

But, you can find lots of items for free on Etsy, there's just a small catch.

Pay it forward.

Some items require paying the Etsy listing fee of $.20 and shipping.

Some are listed as $.20 but you don't have to pay it. In fact, they specify: PLEASE Don't Buy This Item! Just copy and paste the info or photo to file and then pay it forward. Cool, huh?

So here you go, let's celebrate Friday a new way, and Thank God It's FREE!

Mistress Autumn's Nomalicious Pumpkin Apple Pie Recipe

Dogwood Tree in Bloom by LeesWhimsy

Sock Monkey Instructions by TerBearCo

Pink Flower Bookmark by CeliaCurrin

Vintage Birthday Card by NorthOfOrdinary

Sunday Morning Soaps

MicroMops~ Use Coupon Code SALE25 for 25% Everything in the Shop!

Mini Paris Banner by jodieleedesigns

Striped Scarf Knitting Pattern by Weedesigns

Pirate Ship Mini Notebooks by redcurrydesigns

So there you go. Proof that there are not only free things in life, but some really cool people out there who just love to Pay It Forward. So join them.

If you do "buy" or take something from these shops or any PIF item on Etsy, please take time to read the details and requirements of the listing, favorite and browse the shop, and then find a way to pay it forward in your own way.

You'll feel great and it's a fantastic way to start your weekend!


  1. awesome! I'm so tickled to see MicroMops!! I originally started MicroMops and when I no longer had enough time in the day, the lovely Heather took it over and is doing a fabulous job with the shop. I'm happy she keeps the PIF ideal going, because we all surely need ways to clean, organize, etc for free or cheap right?? :)~~Amy

  2. I wonder why you would use etsy to list free stuff, I thought that's what freecycle and craigslist was for. I would just list things on etsy that i want to sell.

    But hey, some people like it, so different strokes for different folks.

  3. Thank you for including my scarf design!

    @ Juliane - I don't know about others, but the reason I use Etsy to give away a free design is that a search on Etsy will show up anywhere in the world, whereas when you use Craigslist or Freecycle, the listings are only local. For a business that sells patterns in a digital download format, having global exposure is a must! :)

  4. Thanks for including my bookmark! Lovely Items everyone!!