April 27, 2012

Upcyclers UPDATE!

Since April is winding down, so quickly I might add, it's a great opportunity to announce some of our terrific news so far this year!

First and foremost~ We now have over 2000 members on our Etsy team of Upcyclers! That is the foundation of our entire effort and most important aspect of what we do. We upcycle and sell on Etsy. Our mission of course is to further the upcycling movement around the planet and support the concept of handmade, vintage and small, enterprised-based businesses. Yes, we use a worldwide venue like Etsy, and some of us use others as well like Artfire, Bonanza, Meylah and many others, but the concept is still to support artists and home based businesses. We are so proud of our members, they work tirelessly to spread the word about upcycling, our team, environmental awareness, charitable efforts and to present themselves as a united community of Upcyclers!

Go Green!
Our fanbase is huge! Thanks to you, our readers, we are rocking the Social Media networks with over 1500 fans on Facebook, but that said, we have the potential to reach over 500,000 of your friends also! There's close to 1500 of you that follow our tweets, too. We have over 700 followers on our blog, but we also have over 8000 views each month on our blog! Now we even have a Pinterest account and everyday at least a dozen new followers there too. We also publish a paper now via Paper.Li and even that fanbase is growing by leaps and bounds.

We've added to our staff! You can check them out on our 'Take Me To Your Leaders' page and get to know them by checking out their links. It's a 'page in progress' like our staff, so keep checking back for more info and additions! So far we've added Stephanie, Marcy and Luci, all enthusiastic members dedicated to taking Upcyclers to the next level!

What does all this mean? Besides the fact that we feel sooooo loved, lol! It means that upcycling is here to stay. It's not a trend. It's a necessity. And we are doing our part: members, fans, readers, tweeters, pinners, you name it. We are doing it! And all of us should be proud of it.


  1. Makes my heart smile. :) Go Upcyclers!

  2. such a great blog i now have so many more ideas for when i go to thrift stores, i already buy so much (which you can check out here: http://thesmartgirlsguidetoop-shopping.blogspot.co.nz/)keep up the great work!