February 15, 2012

Wasteless Wednesday: Don't Throw Away That T-Shirt!

We all love our old t-shirts~ they can be like an old friend! But there comes a time when they are either too small, too worn, or you just have too many stuffed in your drawers. Upcyclers looooove t-shirts~ or should I say "relove" t-shirts? You wouldn't believe the ways they can be saved...

Here are seven ways our members and others who Love 2 Upcycle have given new life to an old tee:

1. St. Patty's Day is coming~ show your green in an upcycled t-shirt skirt!


2. Upcycled Design Lab has just started an ongoing project with 20 tees she's upcycling~ you can follow her progress on her blog: Reaching for more! Here's her first completed design, a matchbox t-shirt necklace:

3. Did you know you can crochet with t-shirt yarn? Here's some examples of what the yarn can look like:



4. And here's something that can be made from it:

Debbie Crochets
Cool, huh?

5. Maybe you remember the loop yarn pot holders we made as kids? Here's a crocheted version using t-shirt yarn~ brings back memories doesn't it? And it's handmade instead of mass produced!

The Goose's Golden Egg

6. Can you wrap your head around this idea?

Organic Planet

But sometimes, it's just time to say "Goodbye" to your old friend~ stained, holey, stretched to it's limits, that t-shirt's gotta go! But wait! We've still got more ways to save it!

7. Dust with it, polish with it, wash with it, dry with it, wipe your nose with it! But, for heaven's sake, don't throw it away until you absolutely have to!

Have a great week, everybody~ and Remember: Don't Waste A Thing!


  1. love this!!! great features and tysm for featuring www.ohziedesigns.com!!

  2. Some great recycled ideas. Thanks so much for featuring my bag

  3. Awesome! Thanks so much for featuring me here!

  4. Way too cool!!! thank you for featuring me also.
    I am going to post to my blog the link to this. thanks again!

  5. Thank you for featuring my Recycled T Shirt Yarn. T shirt yarn is an excellent choice for many different projects that need a sturdy, bulky yarn. I used some of my yarn to make this beanie hat. It feels so good on the head. http://www.etsy.com/listing/90986701

  6. Awesome ideas! I always end up cutting mine into rags or wearing them to bed.