March 21, 2012

Wasteless Wednesday~ Contain It!

This week we'll show you seven ways to reinvent a container! Beverages are one of the most consumed and waste producers on the market today~ but Upcyclers find a way to "contain" the container problem everyday! Innovative, imaginative and practical, these products are becoming more and more mainstream and aesthetically popular. We are proud to be part of the movement to reduce the content of landfills and offer quality products that fill the needs of today's consumers. What goes around is coming around!

1. Wine bottle necks become:

Dessin Creations

2. Wine Bottle Bottoms become:

Glass Galore Gal

3. Wine Bottles become:

Le Couteur Art

4. Wine Caps become:

Eco Imbiber

5. Bottle Caps become:

Eileena Jewelry Studio



6. Soda Cans become:

Sparkly Trash


East Street Tins

 And not the last, we hope, and certainly not the least!

7. Plastic Bottles become:

Deko Projects


Down Side Up Studio

So there you have it. Seven post consumer by-products turned art, turned jewelry, turned home decor, turned accessories, turned UPCYCLED! Best of all~ not wasted! So before you toss that container in the trash...Contain your waste, if you don't want to upcycle it yourself, find someone in your local area who does! Or put it in a recycling bin at the very least.

Have a great Wasteless Wednesday and we hope each day this week you find a way to save even one container.


  1. Love this collection! Upcycling is so fun!

  2. Very nice! I love making things out of what others would throw away!

  3. Thank you very much for including my Pisces necklace! I will share! GO Upcyclers!

  4. That was a fab curation !
    I especially LOVED the mini cap candles...
    I upcycle 1 gl water bottle caps and pack glass sewing buttons when shipping them out to clients :)

  5. What a great article, with some really great upcycled products! Thanks so much for featuring my bottle cap candles. Aside from collecting the used bottle caps at the bar where I work, I have several girlfriends who faithfully save every wine or liquor cap for me. One friend's parents even saved a few caps from a trip to Mexico and brought them all the way back to Seattle for me!! So don't be afraid to ask around -- friends, family or local businesses -- to save their trash for you-- most will be happy to help out :)

  6. Wow, I kind of feel that I've made it amongst my fellow upcyclers anyway. Thanks so much for showing my recycled tin jewelry. Yeah for Upcycling! Yeah for Reusing! Yeah for Our Team! Thanks, Cat.

  7. I'm so glad you all loved the article! It's exciting to know we are making a difference to at least our little corner of the Upcycling world!

  8. fabulous! I am so inspired by these recycled items!