March 15, 2012

Upcycled Crafting: Part 3 of 5

Did you know that March 2012 is National Craft Month?! Well I've been telling you every Thursday all month long. :) Team Upcyclers has been celebrating the wonderful world of crafting by bringing you an entire month of Upcycled Craft Supplies! Each Thursday we've highlighted our Etsy shops that provide UPCYCLED crafting supplies.

The best part, each featured shop is providing our readers with... exclusive sales and coupons!!!

Here are this week's THREE upcycled handmade crafters and their awesome coupons!

"I craft exclusively with recycled materials. My mission at Thoughtful Rose Supply is to enable and inspire other crafters to use recycled materials as well!"
Sharon, Thoughtful Rose Supply
I found this well said statement in Sharon's profile, along with an exquisite collection of beautifully photographed recycled yarn. Sharon upcycles cashmere, silk, wool, and other materials from discarded sweaters into recycled yarns.

Thoughtful Rose Supply SALE:
Enter coupon code ETSYUPCYCLERS15 at checkout for 15% off your supply order! This exclusive offer is good for this month only! Follow Sharon on her amazing blog, which is full of sustainable conscious crafting!

So I couldn't pass up an opportunity to promote upcycled crafting. Our business model is vital to this wonderful hobby.  We offer an array of upcycled craft materials, like both natural and colored corks.

Or our reclaimed cabinet doors, they offer a great canvas for all sorts of art and crafting.
Our bulletin board, trivet and coaster kits offer an eco-friendly frame box for saving & designing wine corks.
The Wooden Bee SALE:
Enter coupon code CRAFT2012 at checkout for 12% off your supply order! This exclusive offer is good for this month only! Follow the wood, and other upcycled materials, on our blog!
We love this fun eco-friendly shop!  Annette, from gr3een, does a fabulous job creating and collection upcycled, eco-friendly items.
Soda Can Pop Tabs are a popular craft supply in this shop! 
And how beautiful are these chocolate brown recycled gift tags?!

This green shop even offers eco-friendly sea shells for crafting,
like these Shark Eye Shells!

gr3een SALE
Enter coupon code UPCYCLERS32012 at checkout for 10% off your supply order! This exclusive offer is good for this month only! Follow gr3een on Facebook for tons of environmentally conscious status updates!!! 
We hope you enjoy these unique upcycled crafters and their special sales! Check out all our team's craft sales this month HERE!

Happy Upcycled Crafting!

The Wooden Bee


  1. So beautiful - I really need to learn to knit or find some fun craft with yarn. Every time I go to the craft store and see all the yarn and fabric, it seems like it's begging me to do something with it.

    1. I feel the same way. I decided to learn how to crochet this year! I can't wait to buy all that beautiful yarn. :)

  2. I LOVE the colored corks, and the wonderfully soft looking yarn! YEY for craft month!!

  3. Great write-up, Bee and I love these supplies~ I need to make more room in my studio, lol! My wishlist is filling up!