March 8, 2012

Upcycled Crafting: Part 2 of 5

March 2012 is National Craft Month! Team Upcyclers has been celebrating the wonderful world of crafting by bringing you an entire month of Upcycled Craft Supplies! Each Thursday during the month of March we are highlighting our Etsy shops that provide UPCYCLED crafting supplies.  

The best news, each featured shop is providing our readers with exclusive sales and coupons!

Here are this week's THREE amazing upcycled handmade crafters!

First up...

Mike opened his eco-friendly t-shirt yarn shop on in January of 2011. He has been amazingly successful in his first year and it's not hard to see why!

Mike prides himself on using repurposed materials, and only selects unwanted tshirts that have amazing colors! Check out this Light Blue Tie Dye Yarn.
I love this warm Recycled Lemon Yellow Tarn, which comes in bulk!

SALE: Enter coupon code MarchMadness at checkout for 10% off your order! Mike is offering us this exclusive sale THIS WEEK ONLY! Follow Mike and his t-shirts on Facebook!

Our second shop of this week's feature is...

Brizel Supplies sells a variety of vintage sewing buttons and novelty fabrics. One of my favorite things is how well this shop organizes this unique collection of supplies. Wood, metal, plastic, glass, shell, and rhinestone buttons can all be found in this gorgeous shop!

I loved these vintage wood buttons!
And how pretty are these Primrose vintage metal buttons?!

Oh the crafts I would do with this mix of assorted blue vintage sewing buttons!

SALE: Enter coupon code UPCYCLE for 10% off your order. (I know I did and I saved on some amazing leather buttons)!  This offer is good from Sunday March 4th thru Wednesday March 14th!  Follow Brizel's awesome blog

Our third shop featured this week...our amazing team's captain!
Cat, who founded Team Upcyclers, has a great eye for upcycled and vintage creations. Check out all three of her shops! She's offering us a sale in all of them!
Collagical is an eclectic mix of whimsical, fanciful elements and objects. Here Cat offes mixed media collages, assemblages, art tags, upcycled, vintage & handmade jewelry, charms, Cracker Jack prizes, vintage accessories, Suncatchers, paper crafts... yes, an eclectic mix!
I loved these 3D Art Shipping Tags

In her shop, Im Sew Pretty, Cat sells vintage sewing patterns, vintage fashions and accessories, upcycled and handmade fabric products, craft books, magazines & more. Check out her unique selection of vintage patterns!

In Cat's third shop, Photo Art by cnicely, she offers prints, digital sheets and JPEG's of her original photo art, vintage and antique photos, greeting cards, postcards, sheet music art & more!
 So trot on over and check out some of Cat's vintage photos!
SALE:  15% off all gift tags in Collagical, all sewing patterns in I'm Sew Pretty AND all vintage and stock photo JPG files in Photo Art by cnicely! Just enter coupon code: CRAFTINGSUPPLIES15 in any shop for the discount!

We hope you enjoy these unique upcycled crafters and their special sales! Check out all our team's craft sales this month here!

Happy (Upcycled) Crafting!

The Wooden Bee


  1. Great items as always! I was just scrolling thru Cat's vintage photos. There is something wonderful about looking at old photographs!!!! I am not exactly sure what it is that intrigues me.

    1. Thank you, Val! I call them "ghosts from the past" and always appreciate finding them!

  2. What a great idea for promoting upcycled craft supplies! Love them all - hope everybody does something to celebrate this national craft month - which I never heard of, but yay to whoever got it passed!

  3. T-Shirt yarn - too cool! I need to learn needle work.

  4. What a fabulous feature with some very EXCITING mix of supplies both vintage and/or upcycled items. LOVE Mike's shop and what he does- its very cool and Cat's shops are so interesting to peruse !

    THANKS so much for featuring Brizel Supplies- it's an honor to be a member of this team :)

  5. Dear Love 2 Upcycle,

    Love your blog! Question, are you able to state (preferably in the title) who is eligible for your giveaways (US Only, US/Can, WW).

    Your loyal follower, Sarah
    a.k.a. Journeysof TheZoo

  6. Yes, Sarah! We decided to offer that option!

    And thank you, Bee, for the awesome write-up!

  7. I love old photos. I have a few myself. I'm glad to have found Cat's collection. I have enjoyed all the features this month and appreciate the help in discovering the different shops being featured. Thanks to Bee for all her efforts.


  8. Thank you all for supporting me & Upcyclers!!! Happy Crafting!