March 28, 2012

Wasteless Wednesday~ 7 Bright Green Sites!

This Wasteless Wednesday we are sharing seven sites that focus on not only wasting less, but all sorts of ways to live greener, simpler and eco-friendlier! Here are some of their pertinent articles of late~

1. GOOD features several categories, one of which is 'Environment'. Last summer, they proposed 'The Good 30-Day Challenge: Waste Less'~

2. Small Notebook for a simple home is a blog that offers tips to "simplify your home, your finances, your family life and your time." Here's one that helps you and your kids to simplify their toys! 

3. Prairie EcoThrifter encourages you to 'Go Green'~ 'Save Money'~ 'Have Fun' and they recently offered Tips for Wasting Less Food!

4. Green Living Tips has lots of tips on living greener~ here's ways to make less NOISE! 

5. National Geographic has a lot invested in keeping us greener! They've been sharing their vision of our planet since 1888! They also offer a huge selection of articles on their website devoted to wasting less and saving more! Spring is here and they have some 'Organic Pest Control' for your garden~

6. The Daily Green, sponsored by Good Housekeeping, has several categories to choose from for green living~ They also have "10 Idiot-Proof Eco-Tips" for Earth Day!

7. And CARE 2 wants us to Waste Less but learn these "5 Ways to Increase Water and Food Security"~ 

So there you go~ Take action and start clicking! I promise you'll find way more than a week's worth of tips on these sites, but try to at least check out one each day this week! And, of course, try to Waste Less!

See you next Wasteless Wednesday!

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