July 8, 2011

Congrats to Our Handmade Top Ten Finalists!

Our team rocked the Handmadeology contest this past two weeks with over 90,000 votes for our Handmade Top 10 List! And even though we didn't win the contest, we still feel like winners! We had 138 submissions to the list from Upcyclers' members and we thank each and every one of you that supported our team by submitting and by voting! It's a great achievement for our ever-growing team of 1045 members (and probably more, by the time the day is through!). We hope you will continue to support the upcycling movement by either shopping for upcycled alternatives for your buying needs or by trying your hand at creating your own!

Congratulations again to our amazingly talented team and the Top 10 Finalists! If you'd like to see more of what our Top 10 have to offer, just click on their entry or their name on the list!

1.  MollCutpurse
2.  TearfulTouch
3.  GlassGaloreGal
4.  PendropsCouture
5.  FabTabulous
6.  NorthCoastBeachGlass
7.  Bibliobags
8.  GardenWhimsiesbyMary
9.  MattJohnsonDesigns

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