April 29, 2011

Love 2 DIY on the Weekend: SEARCH!

Usually I only use scraps from around the house for these DIY posts - but I made a small exception this time. It's  90% upcycled but I had a crazy idea for a Christmas ornament and didn't quite have the materials needed.

In toys stores, bookstores, everywhere - there is a new game called Find It! where you find items hidden in a tube of beads. You can play alone, or time yourself with several players. It's addictive and perfect for car rides or waiting rooms. With several empty glass ornament left over from a project I did about 5 years ago, I thought this game was perfect as a gift for my kid's friends during the holiday!

(I know it's a wee bit early - but us crafters have to be WAY ahead of the game for big holidays or we get left behind!)

You actually don't need much:
A glass or clear plastic object with a lid or other opening
(I used canning jars and a glass bulb ornament - but even a water bottle would work just fine)
Lots of beads.
Small surprises to "find"
Camera and Printer
Glue (optional)

First I gathered all of my materials - which is the most difficult part of the project.

The silver shiny circle thingies are what I bought!

Next you choose the 'goodies' you want to put in your project.
I made three games - a simple one for younger kids with large animal beads,
a more difficult one for kids at heart with smaller, more difficult to find items,
and a Christmas one, with a bird theme.

Then I laid out the goodies and took a picture, named my game Search!, and printed out game cards.

The cards are so the players know what they are searching for. You should print out several cards per game so the players can circle what they find. If you have the energy, each card for the same game could list only a few of the items in the jar. This way the same player could play over and over and not get bored!

Next, layer beads and goodies in your container. Leave about one inch empty at the top so there is room to shake and move the beads around to find the goodies.

That orange thing in the center is a bird. 

Once you fill up the containers, you have the option of gluing the lid on to keep kids (and adults) from spilling beads all over your car.

Also, if you would like to give as a gift, tie a ribbon around the game and then through a few hole-punched cards for instant fun!

Merry Christmas!

About the Author:
Sammi is a creative starter who loves to help others do the same. She always has several projects going at once and loves to boss people around. So she had three children. You can find her on freckleLips or a soccer a field in middle America.

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  1. LOVE the different levels of difficulty idea! These are great, and the photo of your objects is also brilliant!