April 20, 2011

Meet & Greet Revamped

Geri loves to craft, she loves sparkly items, and vintage textiles. Revamped goods is all about giving vintage and other cool stuff a second life.

Upcycled Vintage Pastel Bobby Pins
I asked Geri a few questions about herself and her Etsy shops here is what she had to say:

Tell us a little about yourself and what you sell
I'm a lady who loves vintage, quirky, funky things (and Disney World, not that that's related to crafting) . I work a full time job and am working on my masters, but I still find time to do a little crafting, because it's good for my psyche. I run 2 shops on etsy--one for vintage and then one for things I make out of vintage things. Currently, I'm doing barrettes and have started revamping western shirts. Occasionally, I'll make a handbag, but that's usually in the summer when I get a little free time to sit down at the sewing machine. Sewing is my love, but usually if I take the time to make something, I keep it for myself!
Vintage Dress 8 M 1960 Preppy Pink and Green Golf
Why did you decide to work with upcycled/recycled/repurposed/vintage materials?
 I really do love vintage fabrics and prints. I would find lots of great vintage things that were either damaged or had outlived their purpose, but they were still beautiful. I started doing the barrettes, because I LOVE vintage earrings, but most of them are huge, and totally impractical today. A lot of times, I would find one sad and lonely gorgeous earring at a flea market or garage sale. What in the heck are you going to do with one vintage earring? And then I started thinking, "wow, this could look great in my hair." I've always loved hair accessories, but I had a hard time finding some that were age appropriate. Most were for little girls or teenagers, and at the time, I was 30. It went from there.

Men's Vintage Upcycled Pearl Snap Shirt Medium
What is your favorite thing about running your etsy shop?
My favorite thing is when people buy my hair accessories for a special occasion like prom or their wedding. I love knowing someone chose one of my items for something that they will remember for the rest of their life.

Upcycled Vintage Red Handbag Purse Leopard Woven Straw
What inspires you to create/sell what you do?
I love going to the thrift store, antique stores, or swap meets. I see so many things there (and unfortunately buy them) that I think, "I could totally do something with that." Unfortunately, most of that stuff is in a gigantic pile that has been labeled "to do." One of these days, I'll get to all of it!

Mod Bobby Pin Hair Clip Set 1960's Revamped Vintage Red
My facebook page is www.facebook.com/revampeddesigns
My shop for recycled items is www.revamped.etsy.com and for vintage finds, it's www.evelynrosevintage.etsy.com

Thanks for sharing Geri!

See you next week,
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