April 25, 2011

Monday's Makeover: From Broken to Bling!

Ann Marie's blog and shop is aptly named: Very Creative Creations! She entered this creative creation in the recent Green is Universal contest, The Art of ReUse. And even though it's a bit early (or late?) for Christmas, this is an idea you might want to file away for later this year. You could also change it up to a flower bouquet design or maybe a another kind of tree... hmmm~ now I'm feeling very creative!

Material List: old picture frame (garage sale find), broken costume jewelry, scrap of velvet, pieces of cardboard and glue.

This upcycling project is relatively easy but time consuming to make.

1. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the opening of your frame.
2. Cut a piece of velvet about an inch larger than your piece of cardboard.
3. Glue velvet to cardboard with fuzzy side facing out.
4. Place velvet covered cardboard into the frame.
5. Lay out broken costume jewelry into a Christmas tree form.
6. Start gluing jewelry pieces into place.
7. When finished gluing all the pieces in place let piece dry over night.
8. Cut a second piece of cardboard to fit the back of frame.
9. Glue cardboard into place and let dry over night.

Now display your Recycled Christmas Bling.  Set up your upcycled Christmas tree and enjoy all year round.

Here are some other 'makeovers' by Ann from her Etsy shop~

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