April 27, 2011

Meet & Greet Tubbytabby

Jodi creates a collection of jewelry from upcycled items like resin, game pieces, and vintage items.  She is all about creating bling for the limited budget, so it's easy to buy two or three pieces at a time.

Domino Pendant Live Laugh Love
I asked Jodi a few questions about herself and her Etsy shop and here is what she had to say:

Tell us a little about yourself and what you sell.
My name is Jodi, I am 52 (wow, did I just say my age outloud) I am a freelance graphic designer and operate a graphic design business from my home office. I've always crafted in some way, even as a kid. A few years ago I discovered Etsy and thought I'd try my hand at a shop. Tubby Tabby's Jewelbox was born mostly as an experiment. So now I make jewelry from upcycled items, resin, game pieces, vintage and whatever else I can get my little paws on.

Dangle Earrings Olive and Ice
Why did you decide to work with upcycled/recycled/repurposed/vintage materials?
My step daughter was making necklaces out of scrabble tiles and I got the idea that it would be cute to make them from wooden dominos or backgammon tiles. To be honest, at the time, I wasn't really thinking about how it could help the environment, I didn't even know the word "upcycle" But since discovering that I was in fact, upcycling, I now make a strong effort to create from vintage/old/recycled materials whenever possible.

Resin Pendant Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
What is your favorite thing about running your etsy shop?
I think my favorite thing about running my shop is selling something! Duh! Actually, it's not so much about the money, it's just thrilling to me to think that someone actually fell in love with something I created, and that they are walking around somewhere wearing one of my designs. It's a great eco-booster.

Etched Dark Red and Creme Beaded Necklace
What inspires you to create/sell what you do?
I'm not really sure. At first it was just an outlet, a way of making a few extra dollars. Now, however, it seems to have turned into an obsession. I've recently purchased a huge lot of vintage jewelry from a friend and I spend hours going through it, deciding what I'm going to make, and coming up with ideas. Some days, I spend so much time looking at everything, that I get overwhelmed with ideas and end up not getting anything done! Sometimes it's just best to walk away, My newest obsession is revamped vintage. I love creating something updated while still retaining some of the vintage feel.

Triple Strand Beaded Bracelet Salmon and Turquoise
Share links to where we can find you on the web
You can find me several places:
My jewelry can be found at: Tubby Tabby's Jewelbox www.tubbytabby.etsy.com
I also offer graphic design services at TopCat Design: www.topcatdesign.etsy.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/design45
My Blog: www.tabbysquawks.blogspot.com

Thanks Jodi for sharing with us today!

See you next week,
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