April 22, 2011

Love 2 DIY on the Weekend: Last Minute Gift Idea!

Easter's on it's way! 

And with everything you have to remember on your to-do list for any holiday or occasion, there's always a chance you'll need a last minute gift. Whether it's for someone special you want to show some love to or maybe a hostess gift, this little jiffy quick idea is perfect. And it even has a some WOW factor because they will think you are sooooo clever! This project is also easy enough for a child to do, so it can even be a gift they can make for Mother's Day~ which is also on it's way!

Now, I can promise this is a quick idea because I made these after working all day, (which is why this post is late) shopping for my Easter dinner and making supper! WHEW! So trust me when I say it's easy.

Start with these wonderful bags of candy in a favorite flavor, or choose based on the color of the bags, like I did. (actually, for me the flavor doesn't matter, I love them all!)

Carefully open the bags and remove the candy. I decided to use the Lindor Truffles for this DIY, because I liked the little window and thought it would be perfect to personalize the gift with a picture. Cut the bag just below the glued area where it was sealed. You can trim it lower if you want, I did it a couple of ways. It might depend upon what the label looks like!

Find or print a photo that will fit the window, size it to be sure, trim if necessary, but leave enough at the top and bottom to add double stick tape to adhere it to the inside of the bag. Next find some coordinating ribbon to make handles. Cut them about an two inches longer than you want the handles to be, 8 inches works well. I like to have a finished edge, so I added a little double stick tape to the "wrong side" of the ribbon and folded it over. Next, put some of the tape on the ends on the right side and stick to the inside edge of the top of the bag to make handles. On one, I put the ribbon on the outside and added little rhinestone flowers over the ribbon. Then, I added a silk flower with a brad, by poking a hole in the bag and fastening it. Of course, any embellishments will work!

Now you have a beautiful upcycled gift bag! Just add some tissue, put the candy back in and Voila! A last minute gift that's sure to please~ and it's affordable, lol~ especially, if they are on sale and you have a coupon like I did! Here's this one finished:

You can change it up all sorts of ways, using whatever you have on hand~ be creative! And if you can't resist eating the candy, just use it as a gift bag for any little treasure. It can be altered to any holiday, just by dressing it up for the occasion!

Hope you enjoyed our DIY for the weekend! Don't forget to enter this week's giveaway~

Happy Easter!

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