May 2, 2011

Monday's Makeover: Home Sweet Home~

You can show some love for your
'Home Sweet Home' and for
Mother Earth at the same time! These upcycled beauties are available on Etsy, from Upcyclers,
our team of artists and crafters who  
Love 2 Upcycle! Add them for a simple makeover project to any little nook or spot that needs some new life, just like the 'new life' these creative Upcyclers gave these items!

Vintage Child's Wooden Chair with Mosaic by Rush Creek Mosaics~

CoffeeSack EcoChic Pillow Cover by Brin & Nohl~

Natural Rustic Wood Shelf made with Old Growth Lumber by Reclaimed Trends~

Carburetor Lamp by Matt Johnson Designs~

Upcycled Wooden Chair with Bicycle Parts by Matt Johnson Designs~

Be sure to check out our Galleries to see more 'Makeovers' by Upcyclers.
Our winners for the April Team Challenge: Hakanasa~ The Frailty of Life, honoring Japan's victims in their recent disasters, have been chosen and can be seen on our page: Featured Upcyclers. First place winners, Verdant Violet and Upcycled Stuff are also featured up above in the sidebar!
Our May Team Challenge is now open and this month's theme is:
Respect Your Mother~ Earth!


  1. Lovely features! I kinda want them all - esp. loving that bicycle parts chair!

  2. Wow! Not only are all these creations inspiring, but so are the photographs of them!

  3. Thanks, Michelle and Emily, and i agree with both of you, I want them all, and I loooove the photos!