July 29, 2012

Sustainable Sundays: new shops

Happy Sunday! I have searched our team's discussion board, Etsy treasuries, and our social networks, to bring you some amazing upcycled items to start the week.

July has been a great month.  Our shops are busy, the discussion board was hopping, and we've had more new shops join the team.

This week's Sustainable Sundays picks are for the July new Upcyclers members that have joined and introduced themselves on our threads.

With a growing team membership of over 2,200 upcycled Etsy shops, we are a great source for eco-friendly, handmade shopping. Use the red & white SHOP Now feature on our front page, or just search the tag teamupcyclers on Etsy!

Have a great Sunday and be sure to make it a sustainable one!

Thanks, Bee


  1. Great feature, Bee! It has been fabulous seeing all the new upcycling shops joining the team. : )

  2. Wow! What a collection of team members (over 2,000!). Upcyclers unite! ;-)