August 3, 2012

July's Upcyclers Creativity Contest

This month's creativity challenge centered around a seemingly innocuous house construction element. I issued the following challenge to teamupcyclers:

"The challenge for this month is a drain spout. I bought one to redo my gutters and then (after spray painting it) discovered where I could get affordable rain chains. Now I have a 12' drain spout and nothing to do with it. To make this easier I will take entries consisting of any metal construction waste that is generally pipe shaped. Cans will not be accepted, although a stovepipe would."

Well, I had exactly one idea with what to do with it. But I was impressed by the ingenuity and talent of my fellow teammates. 

It was a tough choice. I was torn my favorite two. Sarah Kristen of SweetSomeday had the distinct advantage of creating wind chimes (which I love!) and so prevailed with her entry of her pipe wind chimes pictured here:

You can see her whole project from design to construction on her blog and here are a few items you can find at her shop:

The runner up was the intrepid M. Basile, Who created this beautiful pencil/ flower holder from an elbow piece of a drain pipe:

You can see her other work at her facebook page

Other honorable mentions include our own Wooden Bee who created aluminum candle holders

Marie took a different tact and used metal construction debris to create these personalized copper pendants.

All items entries can be found on our Upcyclers Creative Challenge Pinterest Board!

Congratulations to everyone and their creativity! Join us next month by following the next creativity challenge here.



  1. Thank you for the kind words about my windchime! It was so much fun. Love all the results! :)

  2. p.s. I just realized we never got to hear what YOUR idea was, Nikki!!

  3. Very coo1! Nice article...thanks so much! : )

  4. This is awesome, Nikki, Sarah and Marcy! I love the challenge and the entries, it shows such creativity and innovation~ Congrats to the winners and thanks for being such awesome members of Upcyclers!

  5. Great ways to upcycle--things I would never have thought of. Very inspiring!

  6. I couldn't wait to see what you all came up with, as I was stumped myself! Our creative challenges are so enjoyable and just the kick in the pants to venture out of our familiar medium.

  7. Wonderful article! I am so imressed with everyones pieces. Marcy I love what you came up with so cleaver! This challenge had me stumped.

  8. What great items!!! Love these challenges and what people come up with!!!