May 9, 2012

We Loved You So...

"Please don't go.
   We'll eat you up. We love you so." ~Maurice Sendak, 1928-2012

No children's writer caused more of a stir than Maurice Sendak. He will be missed. There are few words I can say. So here are his.

“Kids don’t know about best sellers. They go for what they enjoy. They aren’t star chasers and they don’t suck up. It’s why I like them.”

  “Children do live in fantasy and reality; they move back and forth very easily in a way we no longer remember how to do.”

“Children are tough, though we tend to think of them as fragile. They have to be tough. Childhood is not easy. We sentimentalize children, but they know what’s real and what’s not. They understand metaphor and symbol. If children are different from us, they are more spontaneous. Grown-up lives have become overlaid with dross.”

"There are so many beautiful things in the world which I will have to leave when I die, but I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready.”

 “There must be more to life than having everything.”

 "And now," cried Max, "let the wild rumpus start!"