May 19, 2012

Love 2 DIY on the Weekend~ Creative Concoctions!

The weekend is such a great time to work on your to-do list~ clean up the attic, the yard, the garage... But before you throw anything away, look at it from a different perspective:

How can I upcycle this?

It's how our team of Upyclers view the world around us. Constantly imagining new uses for junk and possible trash. We can't bare to throw anything away. If we can't use it ourselves, we either donate it or we re-invent it to become supplies like the ones we've featured here previously~ vintage buttons, t-shirt yarn, scrap fabric appliques, paper scrap shapes. And we love the challenge! So much so that some of our members have put together a Monthly Creativity Challenge to upcycle an item proposed by the "Judge" of the Month. The item is the common thread but the results are likely to be anything but! In fact, this month Etsy shop owner, KnotSewTrashy wants us to think outside the "box"~ literally, a boom box! Radios, speakers, walkmans, cassette players and headphone components are all allowed as well. It's been a hoot following their progress trying to find the parts, come up with an idea, and to see some of the early results! 

Upcycled GE Clock Radio to Lamp by itsalamp

Macrame Bracelet/Anklet by bhangtiez

Amazing, right? I love this kind of ingenuity! So what would you come up with? Or how about some inspiration for your imagination from these upcycling supplies on Etsy:








Feeling inspired? Or are you just scratching your head trying to figure out what some of this stuff is? It's funny how easy it is to see things as they are and how much harder it is to see things as they could be! We'll keep you posted with the creative concoctions our members come up with for this month's challenge~ We'll be pinning them on our board: Upcyclers Creative Challenge! And feel free to share your ideas or creations with us here in a comment!

have a great weekend!
;) Cat


  1. I sure hope I can find that boom box in time for this challenge!

    Sharon from EcoChiqueBoutique

  2. what a fine way to not only do aRt, but pReseRve eaRth!
    thank you for our feature!!

  3. This is a really neat idea! Thanks for featuring my handbag hardware! I would love to feature whomever buys it and creates something with it in my blog! I'm doing features on customers who send me pictures of their finished products. It's always interesting to see the end result.

    Somebody aught to make a boom box purse! That would really be cool!

  4. @Giftbearer~ We definitely have members that could do that!

  5. Great article Cat! And the boombox purse is a great idea! :)

  6. Thanks, Luci! @Rosedale~ You are so welcome! And to Sharon, hope you had some luck this weekend!

  7. all amazing ideas, well done!
    shout out to my sis for the Macrame Bracelet/Anklet by bhangtiez :)

  8. I love the challenge's such a wonderful us all get our juices flowing. Thank you!! for featuring my recycled electronic parts.

    Use it up.
    Wear it out
    Or do without.
    A little saying my mother used from the Great Depression.

  9. I grew up with that saying too, Patricia! And Hi, bangthiez's sis~ Thanks for stopping by!