May 5, 2012

Love 2 DIY on the Weekend: Make it for MOM!

Mother's Day is only a week away, so why not take some time this weekend to make something for Mom? I found lots of easy projects for children to make on Pinterest that don't require a lot of materials or craft expertise! Some dads are very crafty but some not so. Mom can show Dad (or a helpful friend) this article with a little nudge and he should be able to handle it from there!

Sunflower Seeds!

Paper Towel Tube Flower Ornament

Puzzle Pieces and Popsicle Sticks!

"Owl" Love You Forever!

Hands and Feet Flower

No Google Eyes? Draw Them!

Hot off the Press~ or Printer!

Coupon Book for Mom~ Click on it for more projects, too!

Write 'Happy Mother's Day' Instead!
We know it's tough sometimes, Mom~ the kids want to make you something but they also want to surprise you, so don't tell Dad which one to make and it will still be a surprise, Right? Dad's not around? No worries, gather the materials and give a little guidance and they can put the finishing touches on themselves. Or let an older sibling or friend help out! You deserve something special, especially handmade by your little loved one!

Have a fantastic weekend full of lots of family fun!

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