February 8, 2012

Wasteless Wednesday: ReUse It!

Some of the best ways to waste less is to learn to reuse. We upcycle many things that way, but the true measure of the definition is to increase the aesthetic or monetary value of the item. Reuse might be considered more lateral in its nature. Here are seven clever ideas my hours of foraging the web, Pinterest, Wanelo and, my latest addictive site~ the Chinese website, Diutang, have rendered!

#1 (and my all time favorite) Fork turned handle:

#2: Eyeglass case turned manicure kit.

#3: Pop tab reused as picture hanger.

#4: Shirt reused as bag holder.

#5: Spaghetti jar turned cold coffee brewer.

#6: Soda bottles reused as oil and vinegar dispensers.

#7: Toothbrush holder reused as a flower vase.

So there's a week's worth of ideas for you to reuse typical things you might toss away! Tell us about the things you re~use in your house, we'd love more ideas for coming editions of our weekly feature: Wasteless Wednesday! Hope you'll waste less this week!


  1. Really fun post! I especially love the soda bottles/dispensers. Cool idea.

  2. Cool! where did you get the spouts for the soda bottles?

  3. OMG - The silverware handles are the best idea! I love the soda bottles too - I never would have thought of that.