February 1, 2012

Wasteless Wednesday~ Recycle/Upcycle!

Today's Wasteless Wednesday's tips are simple reminders of things most of us know! But these are everyday ways to save and waste less that sometimes we forget~ Here are seven tips for each day of the coming week:

1. Recycle your containers! As members of Upcyclers, we love your post consumer waste~ for us they become art and craft materials.

Dessin Creations


Crafty Hipster

But many areas offer curbside recycling and if not, centers where you can take your recyclables. You can even donate your recyclables to artists like us! We have a site called FreeUpcycle where you can list your unwanted trash so that we can turn it into treasure.

2. Instead of buying or using ice for a cooler, refill empty plastic containers with water and freeze them!

3. Wear it out! Try dressing up an old outfit with new accessories or giving that old furniture a fresh look with new paint or hardware. There is often a lot more life to your belongings if you take time to give it a second thought instead of running out to buy new.

Breathe Couture


Chicago Attics

A Red Cabinet
4. Don't let the water run while brushing your teeth or washing dishes.

5. Don't let your dishwater go down the drain! Use a dishpan and pour it on your outdoor plants instead. You can also use your coffee grounds for your plants~ Sprinkle around your plants before watering. Dilute in a five gallon bucket to use as liquid fertilizer.

6. Use energy efficient bulbs or LED's in your light fixtures. We have plenty of creative re~uses for your old energy burning bulbs!

Star Redesigns

Lovely Musings

7. Use timers on outdoor electric lights so they don't get left on during the day. Try using solar lighting or even lamp oil torches in upcycled containers.

Hidden Agenda

We hope you have a fantastic Wasteless Wednesday and week, but remember: Don't waste a single moment or a single thing!


  1. nice though I don't like to see upcycled things that take enormous amounts of energy to make/transform, such as those flattened bottles. It kind of kills the point of upcycling if you have to run a very hot oven for nearly 15 hours! I see a lot of upcycling projects that forget that point actually. Maybe for some people its not really about the planet...

    1. Considering the impact that most manufacturing techniques have on our planet, it seems to me that this is still a low impact method comparatively. Also it's not clear how the product was created unless the artist themselves were to explain. Recycling the glass also requires heating it. In the end, it is still more beneficial than loading more trash into landfills.

  2. So many ideas! It is fun to revitalize clothing by wearing it differently. This reminds me I need to purchase a new spoon rest. I had one from a recycled wine bottle that I recently broke!