February 12, 2012

Sustainable Sundays: Double Feature

Each Sunday we select an item to feature from over 1,800 sustainable shops on our Upcyclers Etsy Team! Any Upcyclers shop on Etsy that is actively selling, promoting and participating on our team is available for selection.

Since I was absent last Sunday, I wanted to make sure some of our awesome shops don't miss being featured. So this week I would like to show you TWO of our sustainable shops!

I love this industrial looking valentine vase. M. Basile, from Rinnovato, refurbished this lovely piece giving it the perfect patina shine.  Check out more upcycled home decor in this classy Upcyclers shop!

Shop Stats:
Opened: Nov 8th, 2011
64 items for sale
23 sales, 100% positive feedback


This beautiful handcrafted mirror and frame caught my eye. It is made from recycled magazines and recycled cardboard.  Annette, from gr3een, lives in sunny Florida, and enjoys making upcycled picture frames and home decor. 

Shop Stats:
Opened: Sept 20th, 2010
129 items for sale
208 sales, 100% positive feedback

It is hard to choose from all our upcycled shops. Here are this week's runners up, check out their unique creations as well!
You can find more sustainable creations on Etsy by using our official team search tag: teamupcyclers when shopping.

Happy Upcycling!
The Wooden Bee
inspired to recycle wood


  1. Great post, Bee~ Double the fun! Hope everyone has a terrific Sustainable Sunday, enjoy these finds!

  2. I love the mirror!

    Thank you for mentioning me here! The best you have noticed the difference in the shop name, even I stopped to care about the d'E :)

  3. Great shops! I love the framed jewelry in Rinnovato's shop. That is such a wonderful way to repurpose something beautiful that you would not wear.

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  5. Thank you so much! I am very excited and so grateful to have one of my items featured!! ...All the talented people on teamupcyclers continue to amaze and inspire me! : )