November 29, 2011

We Love Our Giveaways!

We love our fans~ We've had a fantastic response to our Giveaways and can't wait to get more sponsors soon! Your comments are encouraging to us that you, like our members, Love 2 Upcycle and that this is not a trend~ it's a movement!

On that note, let's announce the winner of last week's giveaway!

Congrats, Berendina Dykema!! You've won a custom color Owl Baby from

Spin A Yarn!

Thanks again to our fans who entered~ and especially to Dena and Adrianna from
Spin A Yarn for their support of our efforts to spread the word about upcycling! We wish them continued success with their upcycled products and especially with their charitable efforts and youth education!

If you are interested in supporting Upcyclers and the upcycling movement, please consider sponsoring a giveaway! Contact us at

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