January 31, 2011

Pull Tabs: Myths and Truths by Pop Top Lady

When I started working with recycled aluminum pull tabs in my crochet, I realized I couldn't possibly drink enough (soda or beer) to supply my tab needs. I did not know a lot of people that could contribute either. So I started looking in the internet for alternatives. I remembered that the Ronald McDonald Charities collected them, but when I did my first search, I came across a page on Rumor Has It that caught my attention. Turns out they are not worth that much and a lot of those stories people tell about the VA Hospitals buying wheelchairs for veterans and the Kidney Society getting money for dialysis machines are just that...stories. They were isolated initiatives that took a life of their own and were somehow blown out of proportion by the people passing them on.

Over the years, looking at the hype created by these stories and the amount of people frustrated after collecting tons of tabs, serious initiatives started flourishing. Most of them don't do it for the money raised, but for the mobilization of people around their cause.

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Claudia is the PopTopLady, you can find her extraordinary crocheted and knitted fashions and jewelry in Claudia's Pull Tab Shop on Etsy. We are proud that she is a member of Upcyclers, an Etsy team of artists who Love 2 Upcycle!


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  1. I love it! Thanks for featuring my pop tab bracelet :)

  2. Nine years ago, Georgia 4-H officers in middle school suggested a statewide collection of pop tabs to support Ronald McDonald House charities. Thinking those little things couldn't be too much trouble, leaders agreed.

    Boy, did they underestimate the power of 4-H'ers!

    In 2010 alone, Georgia 4-H'ers collected 17,000 POUNDS of tabs, generating a $10,500 donation to two RMC houses that supported 4-H families this year. (That's 20 MILLION pop tabs!)

    The nine year total stands at 99,803 pounds of pop tabs, generating $50,000 in funds for local Ronald McDonald houses.

    Pop tabs may be tiny, but it has been an excellent way to give kids who think they have little to contribute a way to make a real difference in the lives of others.

  3. WOW- How fantastic! We agree, such mighty results from such a tiny object- Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!