January 14, 2011

Love 2 DIY on the Weekend

The Bamboo Bike Frame

This week's project that I undertook was building a bamboo bike frame. I traveled to New York City and took a workshop that showed us from start to finish how to build a working bicycle frame. This isn't a detailed DIY article. The goal for this article was to provide you with inspiration.

If you could use bamboo to build a frame, what else could you use?

That is one of the questions as upcyclers that we can continually ask ourselves. We don't always have to create some new innovative project each time, we can look at what has already been built and see if we can use our set of skills to build that object in a new innovative way.

I go in to more detail in my article Week #5 : The Bamboo Bike Frame about how everything was built. It was a really cool project and I hope you read the article and feel inspired in some way. Enjoy!


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