January 17, 2011

300+ Love 2 Upcycle~ That's a Whole Lotta LOVE!

Over 300 
Artists have joined Upcyclers,
our Etsy team of artists who Love 2 Upcycle!
An amazing feat to accomplish in just over two months...

We have welcomed some of the earliest sellers of upcycled products on Etsy, like Pop Top Lady, one of the first to sell crocheted pop top creations. Another new member, OhNoUDidn't! Designs has been creating original recycled snack wrapper fashions since 2004, and now sells on Etsy.

Proudly diverse, our members create products from every material you can imagine! And for everyone also: men, women, children, pets! Then there's products for your home, garden, vehicle, patio, office... All with one common thread: Reducing waste. We have shop owners who have just opened as well, some who have just discovered their talents, self-taught and driven by their dreams. Others have been selling on Etsy since the beginning. Some of our artists have been schooled in the finest institutions, some have been taught or inspired by parents or relatives. And then there are those who, having had their own children, decided to instill a love for the planet, creativity and self-sustainability- or just wanted to be able to stay home with them!

Their stories are wonderful to read- little snippets of inspiration shared by a community of like-minded individuals who happened to find a niche for themselves with others who...
Love 2 Upcycle!

Sustainable Kids- Eco Warrior Polo

OhNoUDidn't! Designs

Igrek & Zed Dry Goods Co.

Recycled State by John Birdsong

Voight Metal - Robot Banks


  1. Yeah!!!!! Go Team! We have very talented members here. I am so proud of all of you!

  2. Hip Hip Urra'!
    Like we say in Italy when we celebrate :)

  3. What a milestone! We are growing by leaps and bounds. :-)

  4. New to the group and proud of it!

  5. I love your blog and so I give you the Stylish Blogger Award. Check it out in my post!

    Love <3,