August 17, 2013

Love 2 DIY on the Weekend~ with Upcycled Stuff!

Sometimes you just have to hit a 'typo' to find a treasure on the internet!!

I was on YouTube looking for some upcycling videos to post on our Facebook page and I tried typing in upcycled and didn't come up with much. So I tried upcycled stuff. Only I forgot the space!

Well, there was Tricia and her 'Upcycled Stuff'!

But when I had tried that in the past, I never saw her. But I had typed the space between upcycled and stuff. And no Tricia.

What's my point?

I am always boggled by search engines. They skip the most relevant results and give you random stuff sometimes that is so irrelevant!

Lesson learned? Try some quirky search tags, try eliminating the space, sometimes you even have to tell Google to shut up and listen, that what you typed is what you wanted and no, you didn't mean something else! Upcycled has been considered misspelled every time I enter it anywhere, but one day, they might just recognize the term. In the meantime, keep searching for jewels like Tricia's Upcycled Stuff (without the space for now) DIY Videos.

Which by the way was the real point of this post!

Here's some of her most popular ones, the number of views range but I came up with about 100,000 views on her various tutes before I stopped counting!

Who knew we had a 'DIY Diva' in our midst? I have been so grateful to Tricia for all her hard work on our Linky Parties, and now I am also grateful to have someone so motivated and creative on our team! I admire her drive and dedication, without her (and Bee) we would have had a pretty boring blog these past months due to my absence for family reasons.

So here's a shout out to you, Tricia, our resident blog extraordinaire and 'YouTube' star!!! Keep reaching for the moon!


  1. *.* fantasitc picture!

  2. Thanks for you kind words, Cat! I love teaching and love it even more when I can teach people how they can keep the earth a little greener!

  3. A great article:) I appreciate all your work Tricia:)Vicky

  4. Awesome! Definitely going to try making those flowers! Thanks for a great post!

  5. Yes, we love Tricia!!! Great post. :)