January 18, 2012

Wasteless Wednesday!

Better known in the Twitter world, but quickly gaining momentum elsewhere is a new green trend tagged #WastelessWed for Wasteless Wednesday! It's a movement to take pause for one day to reflect on how we can find ways to waste less and save resources. To help you find easy ways to achieve this, we will offer you a week's worth of tips each Wasteless Wednesday right here on Love 2 Upcycle! Let's work together to Waste Less!

1. Of course, no self respecting leader of a team called Upcyclers would miss the obvious first tip: Support the upcycling movement by either purchasing upcycled products or creating your own! Products created by our team can be found by searching Etsy with the tag: teamupcyclers.

2. Pack a green lunch! Use a lunch box or tote to carry it and use reusable bags instead of plastic.

Greener Route

3. Use a reusable To-Go Glass or Cup!

Poppy and Pearl Co.

4. Don't grab a paper towel to wipe up~ grab a washable dishcloth instead.

Stagnant Gypsy

5. Here's another sustainable way to wipe up a different kind of mess {yuck!}, or just their runny noses~ Reusable baby wipes or as Sweet Memories Quilts calls them: Organic Bummy Wipes!

6. Use recycled business cards. These are printed on post-consumer packaging!

Vintage Script Press

7. Bring your own bag to the market~ We're begging you!

In(c). factory

Tune in again next week for another week's worth of ways to Waste Less!


  1. Great ideas! I do bring bags to the grocery store and always keep a spare bag in the car glove compartment for errands! All my snacks I bring to work are in reuseable containers. I will have to look into having my business cards printed on post consumer products!!!

  2. Thank You so much for featuring our letterpress business cards!
    It is great to up-cycle.
    Vintage Script Press

  3. Wow, this is great!! Happy to have found your blog. THANKS for featuring my mason jar tumbler : )

  4. Very cool!!! My etsy shop is based on vintage upcycling too. Glad to have found you.

  5. thanks Cat! love the idea of the article!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post Cat! Thanks!