September 5, 2011

Monday's Makeover: Old Shutters Turned Jewelry Display!

Guest Post by Tricia from Upcycled Stuff!

I kicked off a pretty busy month of fairs and festivals this weekend at the Simpsonville Labor Day Family Festival.  In preparation I pulled together a fun little display for my upcycled jewelry out of two old shutters, I was pretty proud of it, what do you think?

Here's what they looked like when I picked 'em up for $10 from Craigslist:

Besides being filthy, there were big chunks of wood missing.  So, off to the hardware store for wood putty and hinges.  After applying the wood putty I ran over the surface of the shutters with a few different grits of sandpaper and had something that looked likes this:

Stop by my Upcycled Stuff Blog to follow the rest of my steps to the complete makeover!

Tricia is a member of our Etsy Team of Upcyclers~ Here's a peek at her shop!



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