September 28, 2011

Meet & Greet: AwesleyDesigns

Amanda is a busy mother who loves to be creative. Her Etsy shop is filled with one of a kind charm bracelets with charms she has found at yard sales, estate sales, and shops along the road. They are lots of fun and very unique.

Purple Haze Charm Bracelet
I asked Amanda a few questions about herself and her Etsy shop, here is what she had to say:

Tell us a little about yourself and what you sell.
I'm a stay at home mother of three so that has been my job for the last few years. I have traveled the U.S. and have been lucky enough to experience everything that this country has to offer. I'm a bit crazy and loud. Music is a major part of my life and as a wife to a bass player, it's never quiet here.... ever! I would choose to read a book over watching t.v. and my favorite movies were made over 40 years before I was born. Now that my kids are no longer babies, I have been creating things out of found objects and am a book reviewer. I also know how to make about 100 different types of cupcake.

Coffee Flower Necklace
What is your favorite thing about creating?
I love creating things that other people would look at and never expect. While standing in front of a pile of objects that many people would think of as junk or trash, I see it as a challenge to turn it into something beautiful. Creating something new gives me a rush and I hope to be doing this til the day I die.

Industrial Charm Necklace
Why did you decide to work with upcycled/recycled/repurposed/vintage materials?
I work with recycled objects for a couple of reasons. First being a little while ago, I didn't have the money to go out and buy new craft supplies so I made due with what I had laying around. Another reason is because my family is full of artists and seriously creative individuals. Christmas time means we make each other gifts instead of buying them. Every year gets bigger and better. We have to spend little money and yet make Christmas memories. That's where this has exploded for me and I have applied it to everyday life.

Pink and Green Bracelet
What is your favorite thing about running your etsy shop?
I love the Etsy community. In the last few years I have seen so much growth and the people are truly amazing. This is like a group of long lost friends that always welcome you into their house. I never get tired of posting my items, talking to people, and visiting the treasuries. I have nothing but love for my fellow etsians, for without them, none of this would work.

Industrial Steampunk Charm Bracelet
What inspires you to create/sell what you do?
Inspiration hits me in the strangest times and it's never the same. A David Bowie song might trigger me to see a pop can as a rocket ship necklace or my youngest might say something that reminds me of a fairytale and that will be my next bracelet. I never see something in the same light twice so don't be surprised if a vinyl record becomes a headband, it's just what it told me to do with it.

How do you keep your creative space inspiring?
My "space" is a mess! I have pictures, music, and bits of things I've found and thought were interesting. It's constantly moving and changing. The only thing that doesn't change is the coffee maker.

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Thanks Amanda for sharing with us today!

See you next week,
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