June 11, 2011

Love 2 DIY on the Weekend: Summer Projects!

Is your backyard ready for summer? Long sunny days that lead into cool moonlit evenings require a place to enjoy them and with the price of gas, it might be best to do that at home. Create your own little paradise with a few DIY upcycling projects that just might inspire you to come up with some of your own!

Erik Anderson's Wine Bottle Tiki Torch Tutorial provides quick and easy steps to lighting up your patio, island style!

Or if you love the look of a string of lights, try this idea from Instructables.com to make Egg Carton Flower Lights...

Celebrating Flag Day? Having a Fourth of July Picnic? Here's an idea from Daily Danny to display your red, white and blue~ green style!

Love to birdwatch? Bring them to you by building eco-friendly birdhouses from upcycled materials~ scrap wood, large plastic bottles or birdbaths from old terra cotta pots and saucers you might have on hand. Wenona Napolitano offers her own ideas and links to others on Crafting a Green World.

How about a potting bench made from an old fireplace mantle and a table? The Upcycler created one for his backyard that has a charming rustic look with lots of character...

Celebrate the best part of summer by nurturing your home and your spirit~ Being able to say 'I made it myself' and then sit back and enjoy what you created, is food for the soul!

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