June 18, 2011

Love 2 DIY on the Weekend: Have a Seat!


They come in every shape, size and style imagineable. But for those who Love 2 Upcycle, cast-offs and thrifty finds are favorites. And using sustainable or upcycled materials to give it new life is one step better. Try these chairs on for size~ I'm sure you'll find some that might be too hard, too soft...but maybe, one that's just right.

My Zero Waste has easy steps for using coffee bags from Cafe Direct to upcycle chairs

Here's an amazing transformation I found on Cut Out + Keep~

       Before                                                                             After

A "Brilliant Chair-to-Bench Conversion" from Dornob~

Here's another slant on a chair-to-bench creation from Kindall's Creations~

For some extreme ideas for DIY upcycled chairs, you can check out more like these two on Voodoo Village!

Or more like this one on Upcycle, The Art of the R's~

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  1. Wow! Those are great! Love the chair to bench idea!