May 31, 2011

Tuesday's Treasuries: Dancing Bears, Blushing Brides and Gypsy Masquerades!

Summer is (unofficially) here! And with it warm moonlit nights, summer walks, barefoot dancing and nervous brides. Romance is in the air, floating with the butterflies and fireflies~ and imaginary mythical creatures made of clouds! Who can resist this time of year when the gloom of winter makes way for the warmth of the sun?

These treasuries curated by members of Upcyclers will cast summer's spell on even the darkest of spirits!

'Let's Dance'...Celebrating the Season by RushCreekMosaics~

'Sweet Gypsy Mama' by JHRCorrea~

EmilyGibbs reminds us that 'Upcyclers Have More Fun'!

HandMeDownDesignsME says, 'Take Me To The Ball!'

And last~ 'Make It a Wedding To Remember' by SarahsQuiltsNCrafts

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