November 6, 2013

Upcyclers Creativity Challenge: October Results

October's challenge was full of fun!  Stephanie from OurChildrensEarth challenged us to upcycle broken or unwanted Halloween decorations for this month Upcyclers Creativity Challenge!

All entries can be found on our Pinterest board, HERE!

Here's what this month's judge had to say...

First Place Winner: Alison from Pru Pru

This is an amazing way to recycle old wax from Halloween that most people would throw away. I have never seen this done before. What an original, creative and super cute way to make our world a better place.  You can view Alison's excellent blog post HERE!

Second Place WinnerMaryJeansThings

What a great way to use old Halloween catalogs. Most people will throw these away after the season but I love that they were saved and recycled for the next year. These are beautiful and colorful. What a fun idea to use for parties or family get togethers.

Thanks, Stephanie

Our Childrens Earth