July 27, 2013

Love 2 DIY on the Weekend~ Is For the Birds!

If you love birds in your backyard habitat, we've got some way out and somewhat, wacky upcycled inspiration for some cool habitats for your winged visitors~ If you don't want to DIY, some of these birdhouses are available for sale in the artist's studio or online shop.

Brian Carlisle~ GadgetSponge.com

It's a Crazy Life...what craft is Sam working on now?

The Guilty Crafter~ confessions of a domestic Goddess wannabe

Upcycled Garden Style...a website from Gardens Inspired

April Crafternoon@ fdlpl.org

Tale of Twisted Fibers

Mama's Nook


So look around your garage, basement or attic and turn an old treasure or tossed away article into an upcycled home for your feathered friends!

Have a fantastic weekend!
;) Cat


  1. Those are awesome ideas!

  2. Fantastic Ideas! I just love the tin can bee's and the bird house chandalier.

    Happy upcycling all!!!

  3. Thanks a million for including one of my upycled/repurposed creations! The hard hat birdhouse is definitely one I'd like to do similarly again!