July 9, 2013

Upcyclers June Creativity Challenge Results: broken jewelry

Each month Upcyclers puts together an upcycled creativity challenge! For June, Marcy from Rinnovato Vintage, hosted the challenge by selecting the upcycled medium... old broken jewelry! She referenced some beautiful pieces of her own, including the above upcycled vase.  This specific medium generated some fantastic ideas! All upcycled entries can be found on our special Pinterest board! Marcy had this to say about her winning selections...

I loved the diversity of the entries for this month's challenge to use old, broken or mismatched jewelry to make a new, repurposed item. We had upcycled necklaces and cuff bracelets, a decorative picture frame, a child's jacket, a woven bowl, a hair barrette, a jewelry box and a hand crocheted collar.

While I had many favorites, I had to give 1st place to Diane of ClassicRetro for her beautiful pink floral fabric necklace. She not only made use of vintage jewelry pieces, but she also utilized many other upcycled materials in her lovely creation. 

2nd place went to Jane of Jane Koopman for her pretty refurbished jewelry box. She also wrote a great blog about the challenge and the idea for her project, along with photos of her work in progress.
Her wonderful final product can be seen here.

 Thanks to all for your enthusiastic responses and creative entries! I look forward to next month's challenge! - Marcy

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