April 12, 2013

#Follow Friday~ Blogs 2 Love!

This post is late today because it took me all day to go through the over 150 team member blogs on our 'Blogs 2 Love' list! That meant clicking to each one and looking at the blog content for relevancy and then checking the shop links to see if the shop was still open. It was actually fun to see all the great stuff you've written, note the progress and then check out the shops that were active~ even reading some of the reasons some were in vacation mode was interesting!

But it did take all day!

Anyway, it was all Tricia's fault! You know her~ the new host of our Linky Parties on Monday! Just kidding about it being her fault, lol, but she did mention in her last party post that it would be great for members to leave invitations to join our Linky Parties on upcycling blog posts they like. It was then I started thinking about all the great content I've seen on the ones on our bloglist and also about the fact that I haven't updated it or our 'Blogs 2 Love' page in forever (and a day). So off I clicked!

I've pared down the list a bit~ sometimes it was a tough decision because I really hoped they might start writing and selling again, but I figured I'd also announce that all former 'bloglisters' are welcome back and we'd love to link up some new ones! So you have a few choices on how to do that.

1. Join the Linky Party on Mondays!

2. Get in touch with Tricia from Upcycled Stuff~ she might feature your upcycling DIY's and tutorials in a 'Love 2 DIY on the Weekend' edition or maybe in her Linky Party post.

3. Send me (Cat, your fearless leader from Collagical) your blog link and I will add it to the bloglist.


In the meantime, here are a few Blogs 2 Love for now, until I redo our Blogs 2 Love page, which I hope to start updating weekly and announcing as part of our new Follow Friday supplements to our Linky Parties. Just another way to get you psyched up for 'Love 2 DIY' weekend projects and the Monday Linky Parties!


Please remember to be kind and take the time to follow these fantastic bloggers!

Brizel Handcraft's Personal Project: Planet Earth Stool Cover Using Mike's T-Shirt Yarn

Once There Was a Shirt... from Prairie Peasant

Found Beauty Studio's Before and After: Vintage Chest Restoration


Mostaza Seed's Cafe Curtains, Peanut Butter Pancakes & a Secret Garden

Giant Upcycled Bubble Blowers from the Upcycled Design Lab

So there you go~ Blogs 2 Love and to Follow! But hurry up, there's only a little time left this



;) Cat


  1. How fabulous! Thanks for including my blog and for sharing others for me to explore :)

    1. Wow, that was quick, lol! Thanks for coming to check out the post so quick~ Glad you like it, be sure to come back on Monday! ;)

  2. THANKS Cat !

    It was wonderful to feature Mike's T-shirt Yarn. Will be doing so again as i got 6 more rolls of the stuff :) I'm hooked !

  3. Thanks so much for including my blog here! I enjoyed checking out all the other blogs here too! This is a great idea to get to know team members one at a time.

  4. Niiice, blame the new girl! ;) Really though, you know you should be thanking me for a day well spent!!

  5. I always love hearing about new blogs! It's great to have them prescreened too :). I appreciate the effort!