March 1, 2013

Upcycled Creativity Challenge: CORK

For the first two months of the year we hosted our monthly Upcycled Creativity Challenge. I organized this challenge last spring because we felt it would promote creativity and inspiration within our team.   Not only it is fun, but it's a nice way to see our talented shops take one medium, like corks, and turn it into so many different items.

After helping others host the challenge last year, this is the first challenge I have been able to judge. The monthly judge selects the medium and the winners.  I had several other judges tell me how hard it was to pick two winners and I always thought to myself, oh it can't be that hard. Ha! When you pick your favorite medium CORK and see so many great ideas entered, it does become difficult to select two winners. We had wine cork jewelry, cork hair bows, wine cork boats, and toy cork snakes to name a few of the cool entries!!!

As hard as it was...

First Place

Upcycled Wine Cork Necklace by JaneKoopman

JaneKoopman creates earth inspired jewelry and cards on Etsy. I love her entry into this month's challenge. Beautiful and realistic for every day wear.  I really loved this piece.

Second Place

Cork Tree Recycled Journal by PrairiePeasant

Prairie Peasant sells ecofriendly journals, cards, and envelopes on Etsy.  I love how cleverly Laura used thrifted cork placemats to create the cover! And the tree is just the perfect touch! 
See, I told you it was hard to pick! ;)

And she didn't win anything, but I have to give a shout out to Sweet Someday!
I like how Sarah shared her success and failure in her cork blog post. Her idea to adjust the color of her wine corks was really cool!

You can see ALL the amazing cork entries on our challenge's Pinterest board!

March's challenge is starting soon! Team members can look for Endure Designs medium selection on our discussion board.

Thanks, Bee


  1. Jane's necklace definitely deserves a win! I'm honoured to have been chosen for second place! This was a great challenge, and I had a lot of fun.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! Great picks - everyone made such cool things!

  3. Bee, I just noticed that the link that (I think) was supposed to go to my blog post goes to Jane's shop! Here's my post:

    1. Oops! Thanks for noticing. On my mobile now, just removed link, will add correct one tomorrow. The photo links to your blog correctly too. :)

  4. I believe you when you say it was hard to pick a winner!! There are some very inspiring entries. I do love that necklace - it's such an original use for cork!

  5. Beautiful creations....loved them all! : )

  6. What cool entries! Love what people come up with!!!!!