March 20, 2013

Spring Into Spring Sales!

 Happy First Day of Spring!

Don't you just love a good sale? Especially when you are sprucing up for Spring! Check out some of these sales from Upcyclers' members~

Get 20% off all items from InjoyTreasures!

Get 50% off all Handmade Jewelry from Kofu Ecodesign!

10% off all items in the Intellectual Diva's Shop!

30% off all Clearance Items with coupon code from Tigerseyecrafts!

Sale and Clearance Prices on this and other items from Abounding Treasures!

Cute Clearance Items from VeryCreativeCreation!

Buy this or other items from Brizel4Animals marked Clearance and 100% goes to Charity!

Hope you love these great deals! We'll be sharing more soon~ Or if you're having a Spring Sale in your Etsy shop~ feel free to share it here in a comment with a link!

Happy Spring Shopping!
;) Cat


  1. Thanks!! I will repost! I really love your blog.

    A little factoid about me ~~ I have not bought any NEW clothes (except underwear)since 1989 RRR & Up!

    1. Too funny, Deborah! I buy most of my clothes from thrift shops, yard sales and such, too! I only indulge in new stuff occasionally, with plenty of guilt though, lol! xo

  2. Excellent !

    I'm so pleased to have one of my clearance items featured here. 100% will be donated to EFA's Charity of the month which varies each month. If it sells in March- $20 will be donated to CedarHill Animal Sanctuary in Mississippi. A private sanctuary that homes over 200 domestic cats as well as exotic felines. Its an amazing place.

    There are currently 8 silk boxes on clearance at brizel4theanimals. All of them have either been made using reclaimed silk sari loom warps and/or a faux silk yarn made from banana fibers (yum)

    THANKS for the feature and HAPPY SPRING !

    1. We are proud to help with such worthy efforts, Nicole! Your silk boxes are gorgeous and it's so fascinating that they are made from upcycled and natural materials as well~ What a wonderful way to give back and get back as well! xo

  3. I am your newest follower, looking forward to more :)