March 30, 2013

Love 2 DIY on the Weekend: Easter Edition

Happy Easter weekend!  I hope you find a little DIY time for yourself in between cooking the Easter dinner and the Easter egg hunt.   Just in case you find those few moments of peace, here are some very appropriate DIY projects for this Easter weekend.

If you're home is suddently flooded with those plastic eggs that you just don't know what to do with, head over to TrashN2Tees and she'll give you "egg"xactly 14 ways to reuse them.  Including ideas like using them to store individual necklaces to keep them from tangling while you travel.  Of course, she also offers up plenty of crafting ideas, both hers and.....

Flower Made From a Plastic Easter Egg
by TrashN2Tees
....and others, like these adorable Plastic Egg Cupcakes from Creativity in Progress

And you can always substitute the plastic eggs for the real egg shell that I used to make this little spring time egg decoration:

I hope that gets the creative juices flowing just a little bit. What other ways do you repurpose those plastic eggs?

Happy Easter and Happy DIYing from Tricia at Upcycled Stuff


  1. super....esp. featuring Janelle w/TrashNTees :O)

  2. Great finds, Tricia!! And fantastic ideas, Janelle! Happy Easter to both of you!

  3. Those cupcakes are beautiful! Wish I had one to chow down on this morning!
    Hope you'll stop by and link up with us!

  4. I really love the cupcakes, I'm going to research how to make some of my own for next year. Also, I'm giving you the Liebster Award for your great posts! :) You can check out the details on my blog post at -
    Lori In Atlanta