October 25, 2011

Thank You~ W.O.M.B. Lifestyle!

We are very excited to announce the winners of our latest Giveaway from W.O.M.B. Lifestyle~ two of their most popular t-shirt designs, Human Race and Wisdom of Body and Mind: ArtCain and The Wooden Bee! Congrats to you both~ the first name drawn was ArtCain, so she will have the choice of male or female tee. The other will go to The Wooden Bee. So contact us at teamupcyclers@gmail.com and we will get things sorted out!

We want to thank Dion and Eli so much for their generosity and support for Upcyclers, our Etsy team, and appreciate their efforts to contribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of handmade and upcycled goods. We hope you will continue to support their efforts as well by purchasing from eco-conscious companies, like W.O.M.B. Lifestyle!


  1. Congratulations to the winners! I will be mailing out your tee shirts as soon as I get the mailing information.

    You can send your mailing address, tee size, favorite style, and gender
    to info@womblifestyle.com

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  3. Fantastic news! Thank you all for having such a great contest and a wonderful introduction to WOMB. You tshirts inspired a great conversation between and my friends when I first signed up. Cheers!