October 12, 2011

Meet & Greet: Crandalian

Crandall is a teen who loves creating jewelry and bows. Her lovely collection is full of color and a little bit of whimsy.

Pop Soda Can Tab Bracelet Black Cord
Tell us a little about yourself and what you sell.
I just moved from Montgomery, Alabama to a small town in called Eufaula. I've been crafting for years, but started on Etsy 2 years ago making friendship bracelets. Since then, my business has really grown and I've added a lot more variety to my shop! I am always looking for more things to make and share with you guys on Etsy.

purple mum post earrings
What is your favorite thing about creating?
That I can express the creative side of myself and enjoy it at the same time!

Why did you decide to work with upcycled/recycled/repurposed/vintage materials?
I never woke up one day and decided to start upcycling, it just sort of happened! If I find something around the house that can be used to make something that sells, I go for it! I'm also really inspired by the world around me. Now if I see a piece of jewelry in a store I think, "I can make that."

Beaded Triple Floating Wire crimp necklace
What is your favorite thing about running your etsy shop?
I like being able to list all of my items online and having a little virtual store that I can show to friends and family. It was also nice getting a little income from something I've always done anyway- craft!

What inspires you to create/sell what you do?
I guess you could say I'm inspired by my emotions. I feel I produce my best work when I'm in a just in a good mood! If you told me to go to my craft space right now I wouldn't be able to think of something on the spot. I have to really be in the mood to make something :)

juicy watermelon hair pin set pink and green
How do you keep your creative space inspiring?
I keep all of my materials out where I can see them on a little bookshelf. Every day when I see them I always get new ideas on new things I could make. Never sit down and think of things you could make, just let it come naturally! Get out all your materials out where you can see them all together and something will come to you!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Crandalls-Jewelry/116815285009386
Etsy Shop: Crandalian.etsy.com

Thanks Crandall for sharing with us today!

See you in a couple of weeks.
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  1. I love this interview - Thank you for introducing us! I love those little flowers - I've been thinking of getting a ring like that for some time now, but I'm thinking they make really cute earrings too now.