February 23, 2011

Meet & Greet: Tatterdamelion

Sasha says "anthropomorphism is one of my favorite concepts", she loves creating objects that have a personality and life all there own but also provide the service of function in human lives.  Sasha is driven by the idea of "rebirth" and "re purpose" and draws inspiration from animals and plants.

Knee length folk kilt from vintage neckties Made to Order
I asked Sasha a few questions about what she designs and here is what she had to say:

Tell us a little about yourself and what you sell.
I am an artmaker and scavenger. I live in a schoolbus with my partner and our pup. I make lots of different types of things and am often learning/exploring new ideas and techniques depending upon what materials may find their way into my studio/ bus.

I make lots of clothing from recycled materials, dresses from neckties, skirts from towels...etc.

Fairy Folk Dress from vintage neckties Made to order
Why did you decide to work with upcycled/recycled/repurposed/vintage materials?
I am driven by the idea of "rebirth" and "re purpose". I feel strongly that what the world needs now is less "stuff", but that does not mean we have to stop creating...there are so many materials waiting in thrift stores and junkyards to have new life breathed into them, just waiting to be assigned a new purpose. I want to be a part of a movement towards helping the masses recognize that recycling is not only "the right thing to do", but that it is also fun, fancy and fashionable!

Necklace made from marbles and leather
What is your favorite thing about running your etsy shop?
Hmmmm...well I love making things, I have a lot of fun taking photos of my work and modeling it. I enjoy writing about my work and naming it....uhmmm...I guess I also really love making sales...don't love being on the computer too much...but I do like meeting other crafters online:)

Daisy Chain by the yard crocheted from Rags
What inspires you to create/sell what you do?
I am inspired by living, even things that make me sad inspire me.

Find Tatterdamelion online:

Thanks Sasha!

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  1. I love her work and this interview! Thanks for sharing it.