February 25, 2011

Love 2 DIY on the Weekend: Everything has a Place

I would post a picture of my craft desk, but we would all just be embarrassed of the mess. So you can imagine I'm always on the look out for cute, cheap, upcycled storage solutions. This little tote is perfect because you can carry it room to room or even take it with you to craft night at someone else's house.
Honestly there is no reason you can't just use a little 6-pack tote as is. But I decided to decorate it so you wouldn't necessarily recognize it on my craft table.

Any six pack cardboard container will do. I found this one in a neighbor's trash. Not really.
I used some craft paint I had left over from another project and my 8 year old daughter helped me put on a coat.

It didn't seem quite enough coverage so we decided two coats would be better. 

Much better! Next, we chose 3 fabric samples from my huge supply a friend of mine sent me. My daughter loved the floral and green, and i decided the orange and yellow were a perfect compliment. 

I cut out some of the flowers and glued the other pieces of fabric directly onto the tote. If you don't have fabric, you can paint directly onto the tote, or use paper to decorate. Make it your own! 

I can't wait to show you what other easy, fun DIY upcycle projects I have to share with you, but feel free to leave a comment if there is something in particular you would love to see a step-by-step tutorial on. 



  1. I LOVE this idea - and totally need to go and find a bottle-carrier and try this out! I am always being told off for the state of my crafts desk and this could sort me out!! Thanks for the 'how to'

  2. Too cute! I guess I better go buy some Adult Beverages so I can make this too! LOL

  3. Some of the restaurants do this for utensil.....I love this idea!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  4. This is such a genious idea, TY :D

  5. Hi, Sammi - love it! Looks like something from a very expen$ive boutique. the flower cut outs are so gorgeous!

  6. Thank you guys - we had a blast making it :-)

  7. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!