May 22, 2012

To Pin or Not to Pin?

Do you use Pinterest? Millions do, and not just to pin items of interest~ the original concept behind the site. Companies and organizations are using Pinterest for marketing, including us! We have not been on Pinterest long and already have over 200 followers~ but some of our boards have twice that many followers! Etsy jumped on board (no pun intended) by adding a pin button to all listings~ and most bloggers have a pin button as well. You can also install a Pin It button to your toolbar enabling you to pin any image from the page you're on to a board.

There's a bit of finesse and courtesy involved with Pinterest, as with any social networking media. You don't want to spam or over promote your own products, and you shouldn't mass follow~ Pinterest won't let you anyway, it's against their Terms of Use policies. But used wisely, it is now one of the most effective marketing tools currently available! Here are a few infographics, ironically found on Pinterest, that will shed a little light on the statistics and impact it can have.

So there you have a small sample of the infographics out there about Pinterest~ believe me there are many more, as well as tutorials, guides and statistical analyses. If you're on Pinterest, I hope this encourages you to utilize the network for more than its addictive fun. If you're not~ here's a couple more links (look closely, this article already has several!) that will help get you started! But be careful, what you've heard is true~ it's highly addictive!

Pinterest 101- A Tutorial

Getting Likes & Comments on Your Pinterest Boards

One last note~ if you need an invite, just send us an email to and we'll invite you!

I'm off to Pin!
;) Cat

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  1. This is pretty awesome, thanks for sharing your (P)insights!