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Creating A Dance Floor From Recycled Pallets

by Our Children's Earth 

This is a pretty easy project to do, considering how cool this dance floor turns out. My brother made this floor for his wedding, so of course, I can say that it was easy. I was busy in the air conditioning making last week's post~ 'Eco Wedding Decorations with Mason Jars', and he was out in the summer heat making this:  


How to Make a Wine Bottle Hummingbird Feeder

This time of year you can typically find my Etsy shop shelves stocked with a variety of upcycled bird feeders.  And this year I've added a line of Booze Bottle Bird Feeders made from bottles that a local restaurant would have otherwise thrown in the trash.  Recycling isn't as widely accepted where I live as it is in major cities across the country.  Here, waste management services typically charge restaurants (and even some residents) an additional fee for recycling so it's more cost effective just to toss everything in the garbage.  I know, sad, but true.

I thought I'd show you how to make one of my simpler bird feeder styles.  It's a hummingbird feeder made from a wine bottle and I've put together a video tutorial for it.

Paper Jewelry Tutorial - TP Cuff Bracelet


I am going to let you in on a little secret.  I am an Upcycling Snob.  
Have you ever heard of such a thing?  It is really quite absurd isn't it?   
Could there be a bigger oxymoron than being stuck up about playing with trash?  It's ridiculous, and yet, it is true. 

Camera Strap Cover Tutorial

Today I'm hanging out a few of my favorite people on Oh My Handmade, we've been sitting around the campfires, climbing mountains, and earning badges at Camp #OMHG. But how is anyone going to know what merits we're earning if we don't have a place to proudly display them? A throw back to our days of Girl Scouting inspired the design of this simple camera strap cover and I'm teaching you how to do it step by step. Whether you're a pro sewist or just beginning, I promise this is one project you'll be able to pull of.  All you need: Fabric, Iron, Fusible Fleece (optional), Scissors, and Needle & Thread. Now head to my blog for the tute!

DIY recycled Frame Scraps Chalk Board

I really needed a central place to put a schedule in the Art Center where I am working for the summer.  I didn't want to buy a white board and had an idea to use some of the recycled materials that we already had.
We had an awesome donation from a friend of framing scraps for our wood working program.  You could probably find some scraps at a local frame shop that they trash if there is not enough usable materials left.

DIY Pallet Dog Gate by Sweet Someday

My boyfriend and I acquired two dogs a few months ago from a family member who passed away.  We LOVE them, but quickly discovered that if they get anywhere near an open door, they will RUN!  Also, anytime they get out of sight in the house, they try to mark their territory.  So we decided that we needed a gate to keep them in a more confined area of the house but still have more freedom than being stuck in their kennel all the time.  (Also we're lucky enough to have a fenced-in backyard so they get to run free every time they're outside.)  So, with all the awesome pallet projects out there, we figured we could make a dog gate out of a pallet.  It's pretty easy, as long as you have some basic carpentry skills and tools.  Here's what we did: