November 5, 2011

Upcycled Gift Wrap Ideas

The upcoming holiday frenzy will be here soon. What are you or your shop doing to get ready? Here at the Wooden Bee, we offer free gift wrap for the holiday season, and I'm in the process of getting my wrapping materials ready.  Of course our sustainable shop only offers upcycled, recycled free gift wrapping!  Last year we had brown recycled craft paper hand stamped with red and green bumble bees and upcycled ribbon bows. :)
While doing some research for this year's eco-friendly gift wrap, I found some great ideas, and wanted to share them with my Upcycling friends!  Most of my ideas can also be found on my Pinterest account, where I found some of them. I also tried to link the images to their clever tutorials when they were available.

Recycled craft paper, brown recycled shipping paper, brown paper grocery bags, and newspaper seem to be popular staples in eco-friendly gift wrap ideas.  Here are several ways to decorate the eco-friendly papers:


I found the above idea on Pinterest and then realized it was from one of our Upcyclers shops! We're everywhere. Yay!

Here are some other clever ways of wrapping your gifts, from wrapping a gift with a gift, to using maps, music sheets and discarded vintage materials.

And one more... whatever ecofriendly gift wrapping you use, save your strap pieces and run them through a shredder. They will make lovely stuffing for your gifts, can be used in the place of tissue paper, or used as shipping materials for your packages and orders.
Happy Upcycling...Christmas is only 50 days from now! ;)

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  1. Those gifts are all so lovely! I'm not sure I would have the heart to open them :) They might just sit on my mantle, year round! The wrapping is a gift, all by itself.

  2. Wow, such cool ideas, and I was thrilled about the idea on Pinterest being from an Upcyclers member! Woohoo! Thanks, Bee, for finding and sharing these ideas!

  3. Flattered to see my giftbox included among all of these gorgeous ideas!


  4. Great ideas, thanks Wooden Bee

  5. So many beautiful ideas! Thanks for sharing these. :)

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  8. I love all the ideas, so useful!!

  9. Oh my gosh I LOVE the idea about shredding your scrap paper- ingenious!