March 1, 2012

Upcycled Crafting: Part 1 of 5

March 2012 is National Craft Month! Team Upcyclers is ready to celebrate the wonderful world of crafting by bringing you an entire month of Upcycled Craft Supplies! Each Thursday during the month of March we will highlight our Etsy shops that provide UPCYCLED crafting supplies. 

The best news, each featured shop is providing our readers with exclusive sales and coupons!

So let's get started... here are THREE amazing upcycled handmade crafters!


Stephanie from Our Childrens Earth uses items from the earth, or items that are recycled, up-cycled, reused, and repurposed, to make her lovely creations.  She also produces an upcycled blog, that features everything from tutorial & interviews, to family crafts & healthy living tips.    

Our Childrens Earth has a large selection of Detash/Supplies in their eco-friendly shop! I had so much fun looking through all of them.

Check out these Recycled Bottlecap Buttons

And how cool are these Recycled Car Crayons?!

I love the selection of vintage sewing patterns she has in stock as well!

Check out all of Our Childrens Earth's upcycled supplies and save 10% off your entire purchase. Enter coupon code: marchupcyclers. Offer only good during the month of March.

Our second shop of this week's feature is...

Rachel from Coolclimates is a talented artist who created an amazing line of upcycled eco-friendly yarn that's great for knitting, crochet and other crafts.  With an extensive background in textile design, paper making, and ceramics, Rachel also produces a lovely blog that like her shop, combines her skill, her love of design and the natural world around her.

We love how she cleverly names her colorful yarn creations.
 Like this Upcycled T-shirt yarn, she calls Cedar Key.

Or this Blueberry Raku upcycled yarn, made from strands of unraveled sweaters!

This handspun yarn she calls Icebergs, is an work of art by itself.

Come check out this successful Etsy shop and see how Rachel takes yarn to a whole new level. Enter coupon code COOL10 for 10% off your entire purchase. Offer only good for the month of March.

Our third shop featured this week...

One BLESSED Mommie is just that... A mother who has been richly blessed with 4 beautiful children. Natosha opened her shop to raise funds for a specialized power-chair that would give her oldest daughter, born with a rare genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), the independence she needed! Her successful shop has reached its goal, and she now donates a portion of select sales to a non-profit organization that helps families with SMA. 

Of course a passionate mom would create kid friendly crafting supplies! Like these Rag Letters & Numbers! A clever way to decorate a room or any creative space, and a clever way to give your child a little tactile educational fun. 

Check out all of One BLESSED Mommie's upcycled fabric letters and numbers and save! One BLESSED Mommie is offering FREE SHIPPING on their crafty letters and numbers. Offer only good for the month of March.

We hope you enjoy these unique upcycled crafters and their special sales! Look for next week's featured shops...with more savings!!!

Happy (Upcycling) Crafting!

The Wooden Bee


  1. So many wonderful upcycled items! I love the letters and numbers. Those look fun for a child to play with! The yarns are amazing too.

  2. Wow, exciting! I'm checking all the wonderful supplies out now, the possibilities are so inspiring!

  3. Great ideas, all eco friendly and upcycled. ♥

  4. Yeah, Bee you did a wonderful job on this!

  5. Your site encouraged me to go back and think about whether I was upcycling ... and decided that I was indeed! I wrote about in my most recent blog :)

  6. I recycle my worn-out clothes for my projects and I've been wondering if I could also sell some ... are people interested in buying recycled yarns at all? or do they prefer any other kind of upcycled supplies? I've got no idea.

  7. I love the car crayons - what a great idea for my kids. They love cars and to color.